Allen, John, Betty Jo and Family
Arford, Glen & Ethel
​Banwell Max & Bea, Dave, Kay, Nancy,
Bently Dr.(Neil), Jane
Blincow, Joe & Alma
Blincow, Mark & Janice
Broeker, Les and Mary Ann & Family
Brooks, Gene Sr & Jr, Dennis, Jody and Family
Brown, Danny, Kay and Family
Bushnell, Thelma (Eman) & Family
Clarine, Max, May, Susanne, Carla
Cowan, Glen, Betty, Kathy, Rose
Cowan, Marshall, Jennie
Ellis Charles & Family
Eman, Carl & Virginia
Eman, Harley, Leora (Haffey)
Eman, Virgil, Mary & Family
Fisher, Travis & Cindy
Fox, Nate & Katrina
Fries, Justin, Chelsea & Family

Gillett, Kenneth (Bud), Linda (Banwell) & Family
Halley, Fred & Netty (Married 65 Years)
Hammond, Brett, Megan & Family
Hansen, Larry & Family
Hays, Jamie, Polly and Family
Hellner, Tom, Bobby, Tom, Susan, Nancy
Huffmans, Neal, Bonnie
Johnson, Gloria
Johnson, Llyod DBA Fat and Family
Jude Davis Nutchey Barker

Kaup, Burnell, Lois and Family
Knuth Denny & Gloria and Family
Lanham, Mike & Sharon
Loper, Clarine, Shaw & Quinn Reunion
Loper, Michael, Connie & Family
Loper, Michael Early Days
Loper, Connie
Loper, William F. Sr, Rosena, Anna,  Bill Beard
Loper, Gilbert Layfette, Huda Belle
​Loper, William (Bill) F Loper Jr. Cammie, Equilla, Michael
Loper, Richard Major, Dorothy & Family
Loper, Robert, Connie & Family
Ludeke, Ron
Lueking, John, Kim & Family
Lueking, Gayle
Lueking, Kent & Oleta & Family
Lueking, Mark, Anita & Family

Lueking, Milton, Ruth & Family
Lueking, Roger, Judy & Family

Luke, Marvin & Barbara & Family
McKibbon, Irene Equilla (Loper) & Family
Neal & Margaret McInturf & Family
Metzger, Donald (Nip) (The Weasel)
Miller, Jessie and Judy
Milligan, Gordon, Norma, Becky, Kay, Mark
Mitchell, Bob and Marty
Mitchell, George & Lucille
Moser, Dennis
Murdoch, Duane,Cheryl & Family
Murdoch, Floyd, Marie & Family
Murdoch, Marlin, Polly & Family
Paine, Mike, Ann & Family
Penrod, Merlin & Family
Percival, Gary (GP) and Valarie & Family
Pericival, Mark, Georgia & Family
Peterson's, Marvin, Hazel & Family
Quinn, Alonz & Norma and Family
Quinn, Ed and Rosella
Quinn, George, Carol & Family
Quinn, Mike, Dawn & Family
Scoles, Merle, Irene
Schroeder, Albert, Barbara (Blees) and Family
Schroeder, Edmund, Bula
Schroeder, Gary, Carol and Family
Sherwood, Ed & Ruth
Sherwood, Jeff, Julie and Family
Sherwood, J.Harvey, & Family
Sherwood, William (Bill), Jean & Family

Shoemaker, Don & Family
Siebles, Bob
Sladky, Jim & Dawn
Smith, Peter
Stafford, Don, Beverly & Family
Stafford, Edward & Dorothy
Stineman, Nate, Stephanie & Family
Stockwell, Waldean and Dave and Cindy Powell
Struve, Carl & Winona
Sutter, James, Demita, Jake
Swanson, Howard & Flo & Family
Tegtman, Donald
Thulin, Glen & Ruth

Thulin, Tony & Maggie

Varwig, Walter, Wilma & Family
Weast, Ruth & Beverly

​White, Larry & Denise
Wimmer, Bernard, Edna, Judy & Bruce

York, Richard, Carolyn & Family

1940 Fire Department

Oxford, Nebraska

JD Lumber

Businesses Today & Yesterday

1956- Dillingers Car to be on display in Oxford,at the VFW Post on June 14th 1956, the personal car of John Dillinger, gangland kingpin of the prohibition era, The car is a 16 cylinder Cadillac, was considered the most formidable machine for crime in it's day. It weighted 9,144 pounds over twice the weight of the orginal cars and was equipped with special anti-pursuit mechanism's.

My Dad Bill Loper as a little boy sitting on the barrell

Residents & Businesses of Now & Yesteryear

If Oxford, Nebraska was part of your life we would love to list your families Pictures and Business Pictures, Please help us out you can scan and send us a copy

Homer Twilliger Popcorn Man

Oxford Resident's

Loper's Store, early 1920's