"The Kaup's"  Burnell & Lois Kaup & Family

                     Joyce                  Lynn                           Myrl                  Neil,                    Donn                     Rita                  Bruce                           Gary                                Julie

                                                                                                         "The Kaup's"

Burnell & Lois Kaup raised 9 kids on homemade food and a vegetable garden. Lois taught many of us how to cook...homemade noodles were yummy! She handmade all her kids christmas presents and always had a good meal for everyone. She never said an unkind word to anyone but had a hefty "Spock Pinch" she used on her boys! I will be always grateful she came into my life! I miss her! — Mrs. Donn (Cindy) Kaup...... Picture.. Myrl, Burnell, Lois is holding Julie, Lynn & Joyce, Donn in front of Neil then front row Bruce, Rita and Gary

Oxford, Nebraska