This book is dedicted to all those who came, who saw and who remained long enough to help create the conditions that exist in the Oxford Community in the Nebraska Centennial Year of 1967.


May the recounting of the trials, tributations and successes of the pioneers, who built far better than they realized, become a challenge to those who follow in their footsteps to except.

Four Score and Seven Years

Thanks to everyone that put a huge amount of work together to  publish this book and made it possible.
This website is dedicated to the ladies that were the drive behind making this book happen. Wonderful Job...

Laura L. Cowan & Helena L. Luke 
Oxford Centennial Committee Members

Early Business From 1880-1967

South Central Bank

Helena Luke

made possible by the  Oxford Centennial Committee

Much more to come.....1st 7 Chapters are done, Enjoy and stop again.. This is a lot of work. Thanks

Earliest Families

    Part I,II, III,IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X    

JD Lumber

Oxford, Nebraska