Oxford, Nebraska

Battery, Radio Sick, Hellanova, Whiskey River

BATTERY -  1996- 1999.  Ryan Northrup -  Lead Guitar, Tom Brown- Drums, both from Oxford. (High School)    Brian Swanson- Guitar- Holdrege

RADIO SICK. -  1999-2002.  Ryan Northrup-  Lead Guitar, Tom Brown - Drums, Hastings   in college (College)   Jeremy Morehead- Ravenna NE,  Clayton Jensby- Hastings

HELLANOVA. -  2005 - 2010.  Ryan Northrup-Hastings- lead Guitar, Tom Brown - Minden - Drums,  Jeremy Morehead- Ravenna- Guitar, Randy Martinez- Hastings-  Bass Guitar.
(Pro- Touring-Interstate.. Part time)

WHISKEY RICHARD- 2010- Present.  Ryan Northrup- Hastings- Lead Guitar, Tom Brown- Minden- Drums, Jason Kounovsky- Kearney, Lead Vocals, Randy Meyer- Axtell, Keyboards, Bass...
(Pro-Touring-  Part time)

The history:

Battery, Radio Sick and Hellanova were greatly influenced by heavy metal origins, writing and performing their own songs. Whiskey Richard being basically a cover band with Southern and Country Rock,  performing some familiar tunes with their own unique showability. They all definitely knew how to pump up a crowd.

Ryan Northrup and Tom Brown grew up in Oxford, have played together since Ryan was in Jr. High school in Oxford and Tom in High School at Southern Valley. They were very popular at the High School and continued right on through College in Hastings Nebraska and beyond.... the other Nebraska musicians joined their groups through the years, they developed their music and their relationships through time, worked hard to have fun and always put on a great show.  They always came back to Oxford, to the root of  their beginnings. They have peformed in various states, from Kansas City to Reno Nevada and in between, many special events and celebrations, but the one that stands out is Turkey Days every year in Oxford out back in the beer garden of the Longbranch Bar. As they have grown and matured, most of them have other jobs, families of their own and other responsibilities so their "gigs" and trips have lessened, but their hearts are still in music.