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Oxford, Nebraska

Thanks to the Advisors and Historians who furnished the information to me to make this Website possible.

Gary Schroeder
Gary has spent over 50 Years researching the vintage Oxford Standards for information about Oxford.  Born and raised in Oxford his knoledge of Oxford is truely amazing.  Get a chance, ask him anything.
Not only does he research, he has a huge collection of vintage photo's and a Railroad memorabilia avid collector.
His vintage collections is a must see, at the Oxford Museum.


Bob Mitchell
Born and raised in Oxford, Nebraska and is a true Oxford Historian,  Bob has supplied the biggest majority of the vintage pictures to make this site possible.  Bob lives in Edison, Nebraska just 7 miles away with his lovely wife Martha.


Mick Varwig

Mick was also born and raised in Oxford, his vintage photo albums was a huge help and many of the pictures of Oxford are here in the site. 

​Thanks to Anne (Sherwood) Paine for letting us make copies of her pictures.